UES ‘08 consists of a three part educational project:

¨      Urban narrative 1 (before 30 June)

Students as teams of 3 or 4 members will prepare 15-minute visual documentations on Adelaide and Ankara to highlight the differences in a focused spatial theme, such as urban memories, publicity and privacy, etc. and will write 800-word text of narrative.

¨      Design studio (between 30 June & 13 July)

International student teams from different disciplines will prepare design projects, along with the desk critics, organised lectures and interim presentations.

¨      Urban narrative 2 (after 14 July)

Australian students will spend a week in Istanbul to prepare 15-minute visual documentations on the differences in focused spatial themes. This part of the course is not compulsory for METU students.


Project site

The project site will focus on the three neighbourhoods around the Hacý Bayram Mosque in Ankara. Under the theme of place and difference, student teams will be expected to make proposals that will improve the quality of urban life.

Project groups

Students will work intensively in small groups for two weeks. Each group will have Australian and Turkish students coming from the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Guidance will be provided by a group of academics from METU and the University of Adelaide.


Studio team

Erhan Acar ■ Samer Akkach ■ Müge Akkar Ercan ■ Aydan Balamir ■ Baykan Günay ■ Berin Gür ■ Çaðatay Keskinok

Urban Exchange Studio ‘08

Middle East Technical University, Turkey ■■■ The University of Adelaide, Australia

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